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vehicle tracking

fleet tracking

Full control
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Fleet tracking

By using the GPS-based MyFleet vehicle tracking system you can define simply and fast where your vehicles are, at what speed they are moving, what is the length of the road travelled by the vehicles and how many litres of fuel is in the tank.

The features of our vehicle tracking system do not only provide you with accurate records, but also a more efficient and simpler accounting system, so you can forget the complicated procedure of managing way bills, thus, you can reduce your costs considerably!

Accurate information can be gained from the system including:

  • Vehicle speed, length of the journey travelled,

  • Place, time of starting, arrival and stopping,

  • Time of refuelling, fuel consumption

The fleet tracking software of MyFleet produces comprehensive reports even at vehicle or driver-level automatically, thus administrative staff members do not have to “dig” for data from several places. Thanks to the automated reports of the tracking system less human labour is required for settlements, which results in cost reductions.

Why is the GPS fleet tracking service of MyFleet good for your Company?

  • You can gain advantage of your competitors

  • You can achieve considerable cost reductions (fuel, labour time utilisation, communication)

  • You can provide your customers with higher quality

  • You can replace your waybills simply

  • You will always know where your vehicles are actually

  • You can organise the work more efficiently

  • You can control how your employees work

  • Full, turn-key service, customised to your individual needs

  • Fast start-up

  • Low monthly fee, which you can plan in advance

  • You will know that your fleet is safe