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Your vehicles should be
fully safe!

Motor vehicle protection

Responsible vehicle owners already want to prevent vehicle stealing and increasingly occurring robberies via extra security solutions for preventing the theft of their vehicles. We can offer several solutions and opportunities for achieving this.

Car alarm

Contrarily to factory built alarm systems of vehicles, an alarm module integrated later provides extra security. The alarm integrated by our Company has internal space protection and siren with internal battery. No separate remote control is needed for using the system, you can control arming and disconnection with the original remote control of the vehicle. If a GPS device is fitted in addition to the alarm, you can receive SMS on the alarms to your mobile device for an additional fee. In addition to the car alarm, there is a variety of ways available to you to protect your vehicle.


The i button reader or keyboard built into the vehicle are capable of preventing unauthorized persons from starting the car.

The driver can start the car by the correct code entered via a small keyboard or the i button provided with the appropriate code. Its advantage is that the code is needed to ignite the car in each case, thus, unauthorised people are able to start the vehicle.

Connecting a remote immobiliser

It is possible to connect a remote relay control into the vehicle. Thus, if the vehicle is stolen, you can stop it can remotely by using SMS at any time.

Please, contact us for compiling the vehicle protection configuration that meets your needs!