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vehicle tracking

fleet tracking

24-hour surveillance
Of your complete vehicle fleet

Architecture of the vehicle tracking system

MyFleet is a satellite (GPS-based) tracking system by which you can monitor the current and historical events of your vehicle fleet for 24 hours a day, with day-hour-minute accuracy.

By using the MyFleet vehicle tracking system you can define simply and fast where your vehicles are, at what speed they are moving, what is the length of the road travelled by the vehicles and how many litres of fuel is in the tank.

The features of our vehicle tracking system do not only provide you with accurate records, but also a more efficient and simpler accounting system, so you can forget the complicated procedure of managing way bills and you can reduce your costs considerably!

We install our GPS tracking system into your motor vehicle where the tracking system sends data to our fleet tracking server via an integrated SIM card (through GPRS channels). After data processing, you can access to your current and historical positions and various statistics via your browser, e.g. Waybill, way taken, fuel level or consumed fuel quantity.

Basically, the fleet tracking system can be broken down into three parts:

The satellite vehicle tracking unit integrated into the vehicle

The tracking device installed into the vehicle includes is a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a GSM unit. The GPS receiver can determine the position of the vehicle with an accuracy of a few meters 24 hours a day. The position information collected in this way is recorded into the internal memory of the device, then it sends the information to the central fleet tracking server of MyFleet at pre-defined intervals, via the GSM channel.

Central server

The central fleet tracking server is the essence of the system, it manages information receiving, storage and analysis arriving from the tracking devices. The central vehicle tracking server of MyFleet can be found in a server room that fulfils special safety standards. The robust hardware and software platforms ensure the available highest-level operation safety and special protection of data via saving at every 12 hours, uninterruptible power supply and appropriately air-conditioned rooms.

Password-protected vehicle tracking web platform to view the data stored on the server

You can log into the database of the central server on to the website of MyFleet fleet tracking system, which allows you to visually track your vehicles and download available data and reports. The mobility of the system allows you to monitor the target objects from your office, home or from abroad. The software allows for preparing journey recording, even on a daily basis. Various sensors (fuel level sensor, door, loading area opening sensor, driver identification, etc.) can be connected to the devices whose condition can be controlled via the tracking system as well. Only persons having password-access to the data of the vehicle can view the data of each vehicle