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The Benefits of our service

  • The rate of value-for-service.

  • The employees of GSGroup MyFleet Zrt. are qualified safety engineers, electrical engineers, having graduated in information technology as well, and our colleagues that do the installation tasks are all authorised electronic and mechanic property protection security technicians.

  • We define our technical solutions based on the basis of discussions with the customer.

  • We undertake exchange warranty of 36 months on the devices distributed and integrated by us.

  • We apply the ISO 9001 quality management system on the sales, installation, operation and the fleet tracking activities and we also have NATO AQAP 2110 qualification audited by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence.

  • For our activities, we have a valid providers’ liability insurance to a limit amount of HUF 50 million.

  • We customise our client’s incidental unique needs both in hardware and software, in many cases without compensation as well.

  • We answer the market needs fast and we enlarge our services and their scope with innovative, future-oriented solutions.